Fern Cottage, Brisbane

We are glad to get our luggage into this rather charming ‘Queenslander’ cottage in the Paddington district of Brisbane. We both think of San Francisco. There is the climate, the eucalyptus trees and a strong smell of Jasmine, wooden houses on steep hills along with an indefinable laid backness in the general atmosphere of the place.
Brandy ( Bronwen) working as a relief for the owners agrees. It turns out she has American and Australian nationalities.
We take a walk into town on what is a big day. It’s the Melbourne Cup ( horse race). There are many smartly dressed revellers on the streets. The ladies all sport Lady Gaga style ribbon flowers in their hair.


Nearly There!

After what seems like a very long time inside planes we reach the coast of Australia.
Taking a look outside I see the moon, apparently at first quarter. This is slightly mystifying at first. Then the penny drops. The moon is at last quarter but upside down! We’ve reached the fabled upside down country!
After that I’m able to identify upside down Orion and Auriga. Later on, just crossing into Queensland, an inverted version of Virgo is rising.