The High Chaparral

Tuesday at Lake Tekapo.
We decide to do something different.
There is an establishment called ‘MacKenzie Alpine Horse Trekking’ based quite nearby on the Godley Peaks Road.
We decide to go for a horse ride.
This turned out to be hugely enjoyable. We rode up through the pines and onto a track above the lake. Then back along the shingle beach and again through the pine woods.

A lady with an eye for a horse.


Equestrian type……checking the fetlocks or something equally equine.


Ready to hit the trail.


On the trail.


The High Chaparral.

Anyone for a chukka?….

Lord Henry and the Right Honorable Lady Tekapo “Tilly” Mount-John


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One thought on “The High Chaparral

  1. terrific photos , and whoever took that last one of you two together caught the ‘action’ just right. Photoshop the helmets out and blow it up poster size for pride of place, over the mantlepiece 😉

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