Driving to the MacKenzie Country

Picked up another Pegasus car out near Christchurch airport. Christine was the lady in charge and very helpful she was too.

Out on to highway 1. Nice open roads with very little traffic. We took the 73 out to Darfield. Stopped for a salmon scone(!), very nice, the kiwis are very inventive with their scones.
On to 77. As we drive the landscape gradually changes from the flat plains around the city to the hilly and then the mountainous. We stop at the Rakaia Gorge where high snow-covered mountains tower over the jet skiing place on the wide river.

On to the 72 and another stop at Geraldine. It is now a hot afternoon with a big, New Zealand-type sky. A smartly dressed accordionist is entertaining an empty street.

On to the 79 and a stop for afternoon tea at the splendid Farm Barn Cafe above Fairlie. Super first view of the MacKenzie area’s mountains.

Then on towards Lake Tekapo. We stopped on the high tussock grass plain above the town to admire the sweeping view of the mountains and the roadside lupins.

Arrived at the house in Walter Black place after picking up supplies in the small but lively centre of the tourist oriented town.

The view here is simply stunning. The intense blue of the lake sets off the distant, rugged, snowy mountains exquisitely. The house itself is on the top a hill above the town and could not be better placed. The houses here are well spread out so we have a large personal space.

It’s a very modern place, light and well appointed. It has light coloured wooden floors which are good for skating on if you’re wearing the right socks. A dream place. It has windows down to the floor which are great with just one proviso. We both walk into them under the impression that they are not windows but open doors. This is not a good thing to do.

We have a decking on the south side, ie not the sunward side! The north view is the fabulous one over the lake.