To Christchurch

From Kaikoura we continue with the second leg of our Coastal Pacific journey.
It is a beautifully sunny afternoon all the way down.
Past rocks dotted with seals.

Through tunnels and past promontories…..

….past high rugged hills and forests made benign by the sunshine…..

…..past braided rivers……

……warm distant mountains……

….to flatter places. Landscapes like hyper-England. Brighter sun. Greener, lusher grass, more and fatter cows.

Landscapes more like the med. Past vineyards.

All in a state of glorious sunbaked contentment. On the road. In comfort.

To Christchurch. Into a taxi.
Now past huge parks with big, English-looking trees and, as it later transpires ominously, lots of works in progress on the roads.
To Merivale. A green and gardened suburb. Where we have booked Red Door Cottage. It is delightful. Spacious, comfortable and set in a garden which is simply suburban England at is rose-garnished best.

The evening is warm with a deliciously fresh breeze and a scent of roses. Blackbirds sing. If you want a better end to a journey than this then you’re just fussy.

Next morning we have the perfect upmarket suburban spot for coffee.
Good morning Christchurch!


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  1. Hi Harry , we are all enjoying your blog SO much!! I said to Jenny that The New Zealand Tourist Board should employ you! You have certainly whetted my appetite to come out and see NZ in the flesh

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