We take a trip out to Havelock for the last time.
We drive out on the Moetapu Road.
We photograph the evening view from the lookouts.

There is something special about the skies of New Zealand.
There is a sweep to them you don’t get elsewhere.
They seem to echo the vastness of the Pacific.

Land of the Long Cloud.

Yes, that sums it up.





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3 thoughts on “Aotearoa

  1. Fabulous account of your travels Harry…your written word is as entertaining and interesting as your brush strokes! brilliant photographs too

  2. Hi John! This is quite a place, believe me. And what a lovely welcome we got from Jenny, just wonderful.

    • I have to say I’m more than a teensy bit green with envy ! to put a even bigger smile on your face ……. its a very cold and frosty morning here in Ashby!

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