Impressions of Brisbane, Thursday

Further Impressions of Brisbane, Thursday 8th November
Again into Brisbane by bus from Rosalie. Rosalie could be the name of a suburb only in Australia. Then to the Roma Street Parklands. This is another tropical garden, more formal than the botanic gardens on a large natural amphitheatre. The varied glass verticals of the CBD are seen in the background, the huge, luxuriant trees in the foreground. A pleasing contrast which provides a great sense of space. We made our way to Southbank again over the Kurpila bridge an imaginative structure with the elegant curve of the bridge supported on cables from obliquely placed pylons.
We met Christine, a local lady who I have been in contact with via the WetCanvas website. She very kindly presented me with one of her watercolours of her cockatiel as a welcome to Australia gift. We took a look inside the Brisbane art gallery which has some fine paintings by van Dyke, Sir George Clausen and Raeburn among others. Also a couple of lively bronzes by Degas. On the way out saw a number of brilliantly coloured lorikeets feeding in the bushes beside the art centre.
I really like he sweeping curves of the bridges and roads on the waterfront of the city. There is a tall building with coloured glass such as is used in a number of Queenslander houses we’ve seen, a cultural reference?
A piper was playing on the bridge as we crossed back into the city. I bought at first it was some robotic noise being made by one of the very modern buses standing nearby.
Looked out on the balcony when we returned. the scorpions tail, inverted of course, was setting in the west, ie on my right
Later. out for dinner at the Indian in Rosalie.